Case Three – Hungry Ghosts

Computers, a curse and Chinese magic. Would you be willing to face the Hungry Ghosts?

In Hong Kong during the hot, sultry summer nights a Ghost Hunter is tracking down and capturing lost spirits.  Well-versed in ancient Chinese magic, he is trapping the unwitting ghosts inside computer terminals. There literally are ghosts in the machine, as Tom Braddock discovers when he goes to stay with his Uncle Bob, whose once thriving computer business is now in jeopardy.

Tom calls on his friend Mary Donnelly (Ghost-Detective) to help him try to foil the Ghost Hunter’s nefarious plan to create an electronic Book of the Dead, to free the trapped ghosts and to save his uncle’s business.

At the same time, Tom and Mary find themselves hot on the trail of another emerald from the stolen necklace – a trail that leads right back to the Opium Wars of the 19th century.