Case One – The Ghost of Greenleaves

Ghosts, sorcery and 2,000-year-old magic. Are you brave enough to read The Ghost of Greenleaves?

Mary Donnelly is a 15-year-old ghost. On the day she died, a priceless emerald necklace went missing and she was accused of stealing it. But Mary is no thief and her spirit burns at the injustice of the false accusation, which is why – 80 years later – she is haunting Greenleaves Bookshop, and is still stuck between this world and the next.

Help comes along in the unlikely form of Tom Braddock, a 13-year-old computer whiz, who for some unknown reason is able to talk to Mary. But before they can unravel the mystery of the Buchanan Emeralds they are flung headlong into another adventure.

In The Ghost of Greenleaves, Mary tackles her first case as a Ghost-Detective, with Tom’s invaluable help. Together they have to pit their wits against the mysterious Professor Lock and unlock his incredible secret; solve an ancient puzzle to enter a secret, underground chamber and break a powerful spell.