Case Five – The Stones of Destiny

A witch, a desperate man and a stolen emerald necklace. Could you uncover the truth in The Stones of Destiny?

When the theft of the priceless Buchanan Emeralds makes headline news, Mary Donnelly (Ghost-Detective) and her good friend Tom Braddock travel to Scotland to investigate. After all, they know the necklace was stolen 80 years ago and have already recovered four of its five jewels. So what on earth is going on? On arriving at Glenlinnhe Castle they find that the Kennedy family have fallen on hard times and have been forced to open their home to the public as a tourist attraction. A far cry from their glory days as warriors and merchant adventurers.

An innocent enquiry at the local library starts a chain of events that spirals out of control, for witch and enchantress Isobel Symes has the fifth emerald. But who has the real emeralds? And who will end up with them when the battle for possession is over? After all, the Buchanan Emeralds seem to have a life of their own.